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December 21, 2013
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HMLS-Rodrigo Barcena by GaluXxX HMLS-Rodrigo Barcena by GaluXxX
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• Name: Rodrigo Lázaro Bárcena Cabrera.
• Nickname: Rod (Rodri para los amigos)
• Age: 22
• Position: Magus of II area/Spain]  
• Magus Tattoo Location : inner part of right wrist.
• Real Life Job: Making deliveries and errands in the black market.
• Gender: Male
• Weapon: a small lighter
• Abilities:
Mental break downs. By concentrating psychic energy, he can completely alter an enemy's mind for 30 seconds, making it work so fast it eventually "overpowers" and collapses for a while, causing major deprivation, anxiety, looseness, odd behaviors, and amnesia. The effects can take a while in vanishing and some times are permanent. He can control the intensity of these break downs, but it's easy to let go so he always concentrates a lot. Although very effective, this attack is very exhausting and demanding, it sometimes affects the user, provoking minor black outs, dizziness and sometimes faints. It doesn't need physical contact, but he has to direct his right hand to the person he wants to affect in order to channel the energy.
Confusion. It's the lighter version of the previous ability. It lasts five seconds and can confuse and stunt the enemy for about a minute. Useful for escaping and gaining time. This one is harmless for the user.
Fire explosions. With existing fire at hand, he can create and direct medium sized explosions. He can't create fire or completely manipulate it, but he practices whenever he can and has gained good control over the explosions he creates.
Rod usually uses the last two abilities, he uses only the first one when necessary.

• History: Rodrigo was born in a normal, middle class family who knew he was a magus but tried to keep it as normal as possible, praying his abilities weren't dangerous and could let him live a normal life. Since he was a child, they noticed he could make fire go out of control when he was scared or angry, so they always kept candles or lighters away from him and he learned to be careful about that. He grew up as a normal kid until he entered middle school. When other kids or teachers made him mad they somehow forgot about it and started acting a little weird. Rodrigo himself started forgetting things as this started to happen. A few weeks passed until he noticed it wasn't a normal reaction and that he was the one causing that effect. He went to therapy for the memory issue and that's when they noticed he had the ability to break people's minds, since that's what he accidentally did to the woman in charge of him (he hated therapy). They found out he was a magus and started investigating his house and interrogating him, his family and neighbors. However he didn't remember a thing, after breaking the therapist mind he fainted and forgot every thing from that last week. When he woke up he was already in other room with people he didn't know going everywhere and asking things. He felt very nervous and scared. Long story short, one of the officers lit up a cigarette, and Rod accidentally made the lighter explode in his face. Everybody was terrorized, even himself. They declared him dangerous and tried to capture him but that's all he can remember. He woke up in a different city and found out half of the squad went crazy that day, that there had been a minor fire in the place and that no one could tell where he was but they were looking for him. He ran away and swore never to go back to his home city (not even for his family, if he stayed away maybe they could say they didn't know).
After that day, he called himself Lázaro instead of Rodrigo, and went from town to town, as a child vagabond. He found a place to live in a small market, where he made friends with a woman who sold jewels from the black market. She took care fo him and he helped her with her job, delivering the stuff she sold or bought and menacing those who owed her money. During those errands he met another magus who told him about Homeless. He was on the way to meet the deuce of his own division, and told him to look for the deuce of Spain giving him some clues and advice. He wrote it on a paper since he knew he would forget it and started the journey when he was 18. The old lady gave him some money and jewels he could sell or trade.
However, his weak memory made him forget many of the clues and he got lost, spending months wondering what was he looking for. During this time he made deliveries in different sectors of the black market, since he was already kind of used to it. He always found the paper again and kept on with his quest. When he finally found the Alcázar of Segovia's Castle, four years had passed since he began his journey. He felt immensely relieved and happy, part of him wanted to run and make things explode out of pure excitement and the other wanted to take a long long nap. When he met Eloy he felt at ease, and for the first time in 9 years gave his first name. Although it will take him a while to get used to living there, he feels relieved and actually happy to be around people like him. He may not seem very friendly, but he is grateful to be were he is now. Even if he doesn't know Eloy very well yet, he thinks he's reliable and would protect him, he feels he's worthy of it.

• Personality:
Rodrigo is usually kind of cold and dry but can get very excited or angry suddenly. He doesn't talk much usually and prefers to keep some things to himself. It's not hard to make him say what you want though, he's not very patient and if it's not important, if someone insists with something he will end up doing or saying it so they will stop bothering him. He cares about the people who cares about him, but will do it in a not so obvious way.

• Extras:
+Since the episode with the therapist and the massive mental break downs he caused escaping, his mind suffered some damage and he forgets things and people very easily when he +first meets them. He gets very embarrassed when he does, he thinks it's pathetic and makes him a useless bother to others and to himself. So, he always tries to guess if he already +knows something/someone and acts like it. Sometimes it works and sometimes it makes it worse.
+From time to time he gets lost in a long conversation or forgets what he was doing or where he is. He's kinda used to it by now, but it's still uncomfortable.
+His memory might be weak but he's smart, he thinks fast and he knows how to get what he wants.
+He gets embarrassed easily in general, he doesn't know how to handle complements and nice words. He doesn't use them very frequently either.
+He usually wears that cloth around his neck or a hoodie so he can cover his face when he blushes or makes awkward expressions.
+He tries to act though but he is usually as scared as anyone else in dangerous situations.
+He talks Spanish

• Relationship: -

• Quote: Don't try to please people that are not worthy of your efforts.

I know it's full of mistakes, I'll fix them later :'D
Gracias por invitarme Tuli~

Rodrigo © me
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